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With over 15 years in product management, design, and business development roles, I excel in building and leading teams through intricate challenges and driving growth. Most recently at Inspirato where I was recognized as the top people manager in the company, I spearheaded a 15% QoQ revenue surge through the conceptualization and release of 5 different products within the competitive hospitality sector. My track record also includes implementation of onsite personalization, yielding 15% higher conversion within the e-commerce space.
I am proficient in Agile and strategic roadmap creation and management, and I am passionate about building a product-led foundation that prioritizes efficiency and cross-functional synergy,  helping to take product organizations to the next level. From crafting best-selling cross-platform products to informed decision-making through the use of data, research, and user testing, my strong people leadership and diverse skills make me an ideal fit for addressing key challenges in both startup and well-established organizations.
In my next role, I aspire to leverage my talent in building and leading product teams to develop customer-focused strategic roadmaps that fuel rapid business growth. Prioritizing efficiency and cross-functional synergy, I aim to establish a product-led foundation and drive product organization maturity.

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