About Trent

TRENT GILLASPIE is a well-to-do businessman by day and a struggling comedian by night.
Trent has enjoyed making people laugh all over North America. However, he is based out of Austin (after moving from Denver in 2014), and frequents the  Denver and San Francisco comedy scenes that he loves so much. Trent brings a sense of humor to the stage that is offbeat, ironic, dry, witty and, frankly, offensive.

Beyond performing at clubs, theaters, colleges, and corporate events, Trent has found himself amongst the ranks of various improv troupes over the past 11 years. Trent has also recently performed at Denver’s High Plains Comedy Festival, and was a 2013 Semifinalist in the Comedy Works New Faces Competition.

Trent was the star of the Apple Insomnia Film Festival finalist, “Mr. Oddman,” and was previously a host on 91.5 FM radio in New York.  Trent’s passion for graphic design and his love for his hometown led him to create the Judgmental Denver Map. The viral success of over 50,000 views the first few days led Trent to create JudgmentalMaps.com to showcase such maps created for other cities. The blog saw over 200,000 visitors in the first 2 months and has continued to grow in popularity, having seen over 3million visitors as of 2015.

When Trent isn’t pleasing audiences from the stage, he enjoys throwing money at his problems. When he is not throwing money at his problems, he enjoys everything from running races and parkour, to wine, Caucasian beatboxing, web design, and d-baggery. Trent is often told that he is handsome and has no future in comedy.